Geotechnical Services

The AGEC Engineering Services Group delivers efficient, reliable, and timely consultation services to our clients. Project Engineers are designated by the Engineering Services Group leader to manage each project from initial client contact through final report delivery. After receipt of a notice-to-proceed, the Project Engineer, selected to provide each project with the best combination of capabilities and experience to address project requirements, coordinates all project activities and completes engineering analysis throughout the course of the project. Field investigations will be scheduled as required. Data obtained from field investigations and scheduled geotechnical laboratory testing are reviewed by a professional engineer prior to comprehensive engineering analysis and development of "draft" recommendations. Refinements are made, if required, and the final report is again comprehensively reviewed prior to delivery. This extensive quality-review process ensures the production of a report meeting the requirements of AGEC clients.

Some of the geotechnical services AGEC can provide include:

  • Subsurface Investigations
  • Design Recommendations and Technical Specifications
  • Foundations to Resist Dynamic Loading
  • Investigation of Settlement and Subsidence
  • Groundwater, Hydrologic and Hydrogeologic Studies
  • Earth Dams, Impoundment Facilities and Embankments
  • Dewatering and Sub-Drainage Systems
  • Certified Design of Traditional and Alternative Septic Systems
  • Design of Pavement Structures
  • Foundation Design Parameters
  • Pavement Design Parameters
  • Pavement Thickness Design
  • Ground Modification Techniques
  • Slope Stability Analysis/Rock Wall Design
  • Field Boring Logs Analysis
Field investigations services include:
  • Cone Penetration Tests (CPT)
  • Soil Test Borings
  • Undisturbed Soil Sampling
  • Inclinometer Installation/Monitoring
  • Piezometer Installation/Monitoring
  • Settlement Plates Installation/Monitoring
  • Pore Pressure Cells Installation/Monitoring
  • Percolation/Perc Testing for Septic Systems
  • Resistivity Studies
  • Monitoring/Analysis of Load Tests (Pile/Auger-Cast/Caisson)

The field investigations can be performed with AGEC's own equipment.

Mobile Drill Rig - AGEC’s all-terrain (balloon-tired) CME 750 drill rig allows us to explore the subsurface conditions even in the most difficult access areas.


Truck-Mounted Drill Rig - AGEC's CME 55 drill rig will allow us to explore to a depth of 225 feet. Drill rig operations are coordinated from our Sandy office; we have completed projects state-wide and will utilize in-house or subcontracted drilling services as project requirements and schedules dictate.

Backhoe - AGEC’s all terrain 4 wheel drive John Deere 310-SG backhoe allows us to excavate test pits for subsurface explorations. The backhoe operations are coordinated from our Sandy office. We typically subcontract backhoe or trackhoes as the project requirements dictate for our Southern Utah offices.

AGEC backhoe