AGEC Services...

AGEC is a full service Geotechnical Engineering firm providing expertise in Geotechnical and Geological engineering as well as providing Construction Materials Testing and Environmental Site Assessments. AGEC's in-house laboratories are fully equipped to perform the necessary tests to provide accurate results in a timely manner.


Geotechnical Services

AGEC provides complete geotechnical engineering consulting and design services to architects, engineers, developers, public and government agencies, industrial and commercial companies, contractors, and others.

Seismic/Geological Services

AGEC provides geological engineering investigations for proposed and existing structures in areas of potential earthquake hazard.

Construction Materials Testing

AGEC is committed to provide timely and reliable construction-materials observation, testing, and special inspection services by certified inspectors and technicians.

Environmental Site Assessments

AGEC has performed numerous environmental investigations and reports including Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Environmental Transaction Screen Assessments and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments.

Laboratory Testing

Our AASHTO accredited in-house geotechnical laboratories (Sandy and St. George, Utah) are fully equipped to conduct numerous laboratory tests on soils, concrete and asphaltic materials.

Forensic/Expert Witness Services

Forensic investigations involve the failure of foundations, drainage systems and building materials due to subsidence, landslides, slope failures or inadequate construction methods and practices.